The purpose of is to raise awareness of Venice that is different from the usual stereotypes. Venice that would be difficult to discover on your own, without a local guide which will introduce you to the less known parts of the city.
If you read the reviews on Tripadvisor, you already know that the Real Venice and the Real Venetians are what we care of.
Venice Free Walking Tour guides are really committed to support the Sustainable Tourism idea, especially in our city.

There are several reasons why we chose not to go there: don’t need us to find St. Mark’s square, the indications are all over the city

2.very detailed information is available in all the guidebooks and even on Wikipedia

3.most guided tours will take you there, we want to show you a different side of the city

4.St. Mark’s square becomes extremely loud and crowded during the day and it would be extremely difficult to hear and follow the guide which would compromise the quality of the tour

5.Venice Free Walking Tour is for those who want to see and know more than the 90% of people visiting Venice will see. Venice Free Walking Tour is for Travellers, not for tourists


…since we received many requests for a tour in the area ed thought it was our duty and pleasure to make you happy. So we decided if it had to be a tour of the square it really needed to be special! That’s why we chose 8PM as our meeting time. That’s the very special moment when the combination of soft light, less people and more quietness gives the whole experience a magical atmosphere!