If you would you like to attend more than one tour and to see two completely different areas of the city with complementary topics, please book 11am Campo SS Apostoli and 10am Accademia tour. We decided to schedule both tours in the morning because we believe that two tours on the same day are too much even for the most experienced traveller…

The 11am tour, starting in Campo SS Apostoli is a great introduction to the city, it will cover the history of Venice, the unique city construction, orientation in Venice, stories about some famous Venetians, few amazing buildings, the origins of Venetian masks and some other topics. This tour will cover the eastern part of Cannaregio district and the western part of Castello district.

You can book the 11am tour from Campo SS Apostoli here

The 10 am tour, starting in Campo della Carità (Accademia), has been created as a complementary tour to the 11 am tour from Campo SS. Apostoli.
This is an off-the-beaten-path tour, which will provide an in-depth knowledge about the structure of bridges in Venice, the story of some of the most famous buildings in the city (including the Cursed Building), one of the most breathtaking views on St.Mark’s square, topic about Plagues which affected the city in centuries and last but not least, the most famous Venetian Squero, the typical Venetian rowing boatyard.
This tour will cover most of the Dorsoduro district.

You can book the 10am tour from Campo della Carità here

Consider that it’s not possible to do these 2 complementary tours on the same day. Please book them on 2 different days if you want to make sure that you’ll be able to take part to both of them.